You haul, no shuttle

We furnish trailers at no
Canoes $30 a day.
Tubes $6 (42"), $7 (48"), 
$8  Tubes with seats

Kayak's (single person)
are $25.00

Kayak 2 person $35

4 person Amazon raft  $45

6 person raft  $65.00

8 person Raft  $85.00
We are located at the entrance to Tyler Bend on Highway 65, five
miles south of St.Joe. We are one mile from the Buffalo River.

Our grocery store caters to campers and canoeists. A sample list
of what we sell is as follows:
     Groceries                   Ice $1.50
     Firewood                    Bait
     T-shirts                      River shoes $8.95
     Suntan lotion              Sandwiches
     Ice coolers                 Flashlights
     Mantels                      Charcoal & lighter
     Tackle                        Film

Recommended Middle Buffalo River Trips:
Woolum to Tyler Bend -- 15.3 miles
Woolum to Grinder's Ferry -- 16.7 miles
Woolum to Shine Eye -- 18.1 miles
Woolum to Gilbert -- 20.9
Baker Ford to Tyler Bend -- 4.2 miles
Baker Ford to Shine Eye -- 2.8 miles
Baker Ford to Gilbert -- 9.8 miles
Tyler Bend to Grinders Ferry -- 1.4 miles
Tyler Bend to Shine Eye -- 2.8 miles
Tyler Bend to Gilbert -- 5.6 miles
Grinders Ferry to Shine Eye -- 1.4 miles
Grinders Ferry to Gilbert -- 4.2 miles
Shine Eye to Gilbert -- 2.8 miles

This link takes you to current floating conditions and
recommended floating levels.

See Buffalo River Topo Maps -- Middle River Section,
especially Maps 11, 12 and 13.

Silver Hill Grocery & Outfitter

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The destinations below are linked to directions maps, and expanded explantions of the destinations themselves. The travel times and distances listed below are from Silver Hill Grocery. To create a map and directions from the lodge to the destination, copy and paste the GPS coordinates
35.965268,-92.744162 into the empty box on the mapping page and click on "get directions".
Phone: (870) 439-2599
              (870) 504-0341
GPS:  35.965268,-92.744162  Map & Directions

Location:  Silver Hill on HWY 65

Buffalo National River
Middle River Area

Silver Hill Grocery & Outfitter, Silvery Hill AR
Customers of Silver Hill Grocery & Outfitter
Canoes at Silver Hill Grocery and Outfitters
Amazon Rafts at Silver Hill Grocery and Outfitter
6 and 8 Man Rafts at Silver Hill Grocery and Outfitter
Float Tubes at Silver Hill Grocery and Outfitter


GPS: 35.989075, -92.716259 (6.3 miles, 10 mins)
Gilbert is an interesting old river town dating back to boom times. It has a historic store and fountain, and a floating business running out of the store.


GPS:  35.906885, -92.631179  (9.3 miles, 12 mins)
Marshall is a small town with a few places to eat, some interesting small flea-market shops, hardware store, banks, and a grocery store. It has a post office and a small airport.

Middle River Hiking Trails at Tyler Bend

GPS: 35.9864,-92.762611
(2.75 miles, 8 mins)
The link above is to a brochure for 7 hiking trails near the Tyler Bend Visitor Center (5), Wollum (1), and Gilbert (1).. Visitors will want to at least check out the trails near the visitor center and the olld Gilbert Railroad Trail in Gilbert. The Tyler Bend Visitor Center itself is an outstanding facility with exhiibits, a small store, ranger programs, and films.

Grinders Ferry

GPS: 35.98419, -92.74501  (1.5 miles, 3 mins)
Grinders Ferry is an oustanding swimming hole, and in the middle of a popular area for fishermen. It has parking and toilets. It is on the southeast side of the Buffalo River where it is crossed by Highway 65. It is well marked and easy to see from the bridge. It is between Gilbert and Marshall near Tyler Bend.
We Furnish Trailers -- 2" Hitch
Amazon Rafts
6 and 8 Man Rafts
Float Tubes
Rental Kayaks at Silver Hill Grocery