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Arkansas Diamond Realty specializes in the Upper Buffalo River area of Newton  County, Arkansas but also serves Boone County & Harrison.  Newton County, Arkansas offers it all, from canoeing, kayaking or swimming in the pristine, mineral-rich aqua-marine waters of the Buffalo River to hiking the numerous trails through the national forest, alongside rivers, waterfalls, gigantic limestone bluffs and over mountains, enjoying glorious scenery everywhere you look!  The quaint little town of Jasper with the friendly mountain-folk, the famous scenic Hwy 7, and Harrison, the perfect small town in which to raise a family ~ these are all diamonds on the verge of discovery.  We at Arkansas Diamond Realty are simply, "at your service", whether your needs are assistance with selling your beloved homestead or assisting you in your own "treasure hunt".

The Upper Buffalo National River area is home to a very diverse population composed of ancestors of the original settlers, Back-to-the-Landers who came in the 70's (are still coming or returning), artists, creative professionals, retirees and simply lovers of the outdoors.  They came for the restorative elements of Newton County:  clean water, mineral-rich fertile soil, pure mountain air, pleasant climate and the disarming beauty.  Newton County, Arkansas being 67% National Forest (and not a single stop light) ~ is one of the best kept secrets in the entire US.  It is still pristine, and still affordable.

Staci Davidson, Principal Broker of Arkansas Diamond Realty, married into a large family which was primarily early settlers of this area and having a love for Newton County with kayaking the Buffalo River, hiking and gardening being some of her favorite past-times, knows the area, the land and the people.

Come walk with us as we search for the boundaries on your perfect parcel of land or come and let us help you find your dream home.  Let Arkansas Diamond Realty show you why Newton & Boone County and particularly the Upper Buffalo River area is "a little piece of heaven on earth"...

What Our Customers Say

"What made our move possible under the “plan-as-you-go” mode was that we connected with one of the very best Real Estate agents in Arkansas.

Staci Davidson, owner/operator of Arkansas Diamond Reality, was not just an agent for us, but a friend, confidant, and a willing partner in our quest to find the home that would make us both happy
. . .

She never wavered, never tried to encourage us to settle for less than our goal, and never tried to “sell” us anything or “move us up” from our price range. Staci was, succinctly, wonderful.

Jin Brown, Ph.D., Ret.

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